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Project #8:

Burlington County NJ white oak parquet floor refinishing

This unique white oak hardwood floor in Burlington County, NJ was something different for us to restore. The flooring was custom-made in the 80s. It looks like it belongs in a French villa. A lot of work and effort had gone into designing and making it. It’s constructed from dozens of individually crafted patterned panels, each over an inch thick. Each panel has dozens of boards cut into a custom parquet design, and the individual panels are held together by dowels.

BEFORE oak parquet floor before refinishing
AFTER oak parquet floor after refinishing

Originally coated with oil-based polyurethane, this floor had seen better days. It was now worn out, scratched, and wavey from the previous sanding. Our goal was to remove the old finish, flatten the floor, and give it a crisp new look and lease on life. Below you can see the before and after photos of this project.

White Oak Custom Parquet
Our Silver System

Project details...

The parquet floors installed throughout the main level of this home were in dire need of restoration. In the photos below, you can see spots where the previous finish has worn away. There were marks, dents, and scratches all over the surface. And the floor had last been sanded and refinished before the invention of multi-head sanders that flatten floors, hence the waves and sanding divets you can see below…

living room before sanding
Yellow, scratched and badly needing restoring
hallway and entrance before refinishing
You can see the wavey, uneven floor above

These two photos show the construction of the individual panels. Each is made in a basketweave pattern with multiple pieces of white oak. Backing boards were fixed to the top boards making up the design, which made each panel over an inch thick. These are solidly built panels!

side profile of custom made floor
Closer look at the structure of the panels
underneath floor panel
Underside construction of the panels

The client wanted to step away from the 80s-style oil polyurethane look and give it a modern feel. So we set up a few samples of different colors of stains and finishes…

preparing for stain samples
Preparing section for stain samples
stain color samples
Stain samples applied

Ultimately, they decided to go natural and coat it with an ultra-low-sheen water-based product called Loba Invisible. That gives it a modern raw wood look and keeps it bright and non-yellowing.

But first, the floor needed to be sanded…

parquet sanded ready to stain
Floor sanded with a multi-head sander to remove waves and uneven surface

The photos below show the first couple of coats of the Loba Invisible after coating. A huge difference compared to the 80s original finish. It looks like a brand-new floor.

first coat of finish applied
First coat of finish applied
cloes up of custom pattern in floor
Closer look at the now flat floor

Here is a shot showing how the individual panels look. Each one is held together to the other by a series of dowels...

photo showing the interlocking floor panels
Here you can see how the individual panels match up and look after sanding and coating

And below, you can see the finished result after refinishing and coating with the commercial-grade finish, Loba Invisible. It now has a beautiful modern matte sheen coating the super flat freshly sanded panels.

completed floor sanded and refinished
Original yellow, scratched wavey floor transformed
showing off the low sheen finish
View across restored and refinished floor

New white oak stair treads were also custom fabricated and installed to match the white oak flooring. We finished them with the same commercial grade water-based finish…

custom oak stair treads to match floor
Custom oak treads to match the newly sanded and refinished floor

And here is a final photo showing a more extensive section of the floor—what a change from the worn-out oil base yellowing poly that was on there before. Many hours went into using our multi-disk sander to ensure a super flat floor…

restored oak parquet floor in Burlington County NJ
White Oak parquet floor with Loba Invisible low sheen finish applied

We enjoyed sanding and refinishing this unique hardwood floor in Burlington County, NJ. It now has a brand new lease on life and has come out of the 80s into the modern world while retaining its beautiful old-world character.


Brian and his crew did an incredible job! They were on time, super respectful and so clean. At the end of every day they cleaned up the job site and even vacuumed which blew me away. Their sanding system truly is dustless! We had new hardwood flooring installed in place of carpet and they also refinished some of our 10 year old existing hardwoods. They did such a great job refinishing that you can’t tell the difference between the old and new. I highly recommend them!! Brie Genovese | 5 Star Review on Google

Would you like similar results for your floors?

We’d love to help you restore your hardwood floors, whether they are unique, like the floors above, or a more conventional hardwood floor in Burlington County, New Jersey. If you are ready, click here to Schedule Your Estimate and we’ll be in touch.

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