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Service #2:

DUSTLESS SANDING... no more mess!

Having your hardwood floors sanded means your home is about to become a construction zone. The reality of that is dust… LOTS of dust. The average home has at least 3 large bags of surface wood removed from the floor. If this isn’t contained in some way, you’re going to have a big mess on your hands.

old way of sanding
The traditional way of sanding with a messy cloth bag
new dustless sanding
Our way of sanding where the dust is efficiently sucked outside

3 Reasons Why Dust Is a Concern...

There are 3 main things you need to be concerned about when it comes to floor refinishing dust.

REASON 1 The Mess

We’re pretty sure you don’t fancy coming home to your newly refinished floors and then spending days on end cleaning up all the dust left behind. Because the dust made by the sanding machines is so fine, it gets on to and into everything. Absolutely everything. If not contained, you’ll be cleaning it out of your cupboards, closets, curtains and duct work for weeks to come.

drum of dust
Dust after 4 hours of sanding... this could be all through your home!

REASON 2 It’s Toxic

Another concerning issue is the hazardous nature of the floor sanding dust. The first sanding pass removes the old coat of existing finish. Most, if not all, finishes are very toxic. If you have an older house, who knows what is in that coating applied decades ago. Without proper dust mitigation, you, your family and your pets will be breathing in those dangerous substances.

toxic dust

REASON 3 Contaminants in Finish

The final reason dust is an issue for your project is to do with the quality of your coatings. If your home is full of dust after the sanding process, some of it WILL end up in the finish. That’s ok for the first few coats, but you don’t want that happening on the final coat. Nothing is more annoying than paying thousands of dollars to restore your floors and then seeing and feeling lumps, bumps and debris on it.

Contaminants in finish due to poor dust containment

As you can see, dust control is a major issue. That’s why we take it as seriously as we do. We offer two options when it comes to dust containment. The one you choose will depend on how clean you want your house to be at the end of the project.

Standard Dust Control

We offer dustless sanding on every project we work on. (We have to… it’s in our company’s name.) This standard package is a huge upgrade over traditional sanding. The old way uses cloth bags to try to collect the dust kicked up by the sanding machines. It works well for the bigger, coarse dust particles… but it leaves a lot to be desired for the finer ones. If you work with someone using these cloth bags, you WILL have a dusty mess to clean up afterwards. It will be much better to insist on a business with a dustless set up of some sort.


Our Standard Dust Control set up uses a powerful state-of-the-art vacuum system. It includes a powerful vacuum, attached to a pre-separation drum with double cyclones and multiple hoses.

These hoses are hooked up to all the hardwood floor sanding machines... the belt sander, edgers and buffer.

It incorporates a cyclone attachment with a large HEPA filter and pre-separator connected to the belt sander.

dustless equipment
One of our belt sanders in action with the cyclone/HEPA filter attachment and hose running outside to the vacuum

The cyclone attachment creates a vortex between the air and dust made from the sander to quickly and efficiently suck away the dust (coarse and fine) into a sealed drum.

With this set up, we can contain at least 97 percent of the wood dust we remove from your floor.

attaching HEPA filter
Setting up the cyclone/HEPA filter attachment on one of our belt sanders... this replaces the standard cloth bag commonly used
1 day of dust
The outside part of the dustless system... with the dust from an average hardwood floor sand and refinish project

“White Glove” Service

When you want the ultimate in dust control for your home, this upgrade is your answer. Everything above in Option 1 is included, but it also includes these 3 extra valuable features that guarantees a zero-dust environment after we have finished...

UPGRADEHanging plastic
sheeting to
seal off areas.

Sometimes there are areas of a home that need to be sealed off from the work area. With this option, we will hang plastic sheeting in any areas needed to form a dust free zone.

All plastic is sealed up with non-marking painter's tape so it won’t damage your paint or wallpaper when it is removed.

hanging plastic

UPGRADEUsing the
air scrubber.

We use a professional air scrubber called a BuildClean. It works by drawing in dust filled air from the room and passing it through a series of filters. It’s then returned back into the room clean and dust free. This scrubs the air of the microscopic dust particles our dustless vacuum system misses. You can see a YouTube video demonstration of how well it works here.

BuildClean air scrubber

UPGRADEExtra time for
clean up at
end of job.

Last but not least, after the project is complete, we spend extra time to give your newly refinished rooms a complete thorough cleaning. We take special care to wipe down every single surface, ensuring there’s not a trace of sanding dust left throughout the work area. We will even remove any dust that was there before we arrived!

final clean up

With the “White Glove” Service, we guarantee your home will be free from all sanding dust and ready to move back into once we’re done. So clean, you’ll be able to confidently drag a white glove across any surface.

Which option should I choose?

Either dustless option is far better than the traditional way of sanding floors with a cloth bag. Your choice between the two will depend on how far you want to go to ensure your home is dust free. If you are still renovating after we have finished your floors, then Option 1 would be a more logical choice.

If, on the otherhand, you will be moving in straight after we have completed your floor restoration and you don’t want to spend days cleaning up, Option 2 will be a wise investment.

If you would like more information on how to choose between these options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask during your in-home quote.

PHOTOS from past projects


Brian and his crew did an excellent job refinishing the floors in our home. Their claims about the dustless nature of their process were NOT exaggerated. There wasn't a speck of dust to be found. I could not be happier with the quality of their work... Joel S - Glouster City, New Jersey | 5 Star Review on Yelp
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