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Project #11:

Haddon Heights NJ pine attic floor sanding & refinishing

Here's another old pine floor in an attic we enjoyed restoring. This hardwood floor was in Haddon Heights, NJ. If you have an attic floor used for storage but you'd like to transform it into a usable living space, this will be a great example of how they can look. This one was already in use as a living space, but the floors badly needed restoration.

BEFORE pine floor in Haddon Heights NJ attic before
AFTER pine floor in Haddon Heights NJ attic after

Like most 80 to 100-year-old attic floors, this one was in pretty rough condition. The wood flooring installed in attics wasn't high-grade spec in the first place. On top of that, pine floors, whatever grade, are soft and prone to damage.

Our Silver System
Duraseal Jacobean

Project details...

As shown in the photo below, these pine floors were in rough condition. These had all sorts of dents, dings, scratches, cupping, flaking and splintered pieces, and split boards. In addition, the floors were covered in very old oil-based polyurethane that had worn off in many areas. As a result, we had to repair quite a few areas where the flooring was too damaged to leave in place.

rough looking pine floor in New Jersey attic
This very well worn pine floor needed a lot of work

Below you can see some better photos of the damage. Unfortunately, the section on the left image had to be replaced with new boards.

splintered section of pine floor
Some spots needed repairing
getting ready to sand the floor
Setting up the sanding equipment

Here we're in the middle of the repairs. We used recycled pine from another local home to ensure the wood matched. There's nothing worse than seeing a repair done with mismatching wood. The goal is to make it look invisible like it was the original floor all along. We ripped out all the damaged boards, cleaned the subfloor up, and installed the new recycled boards in their place.

repairs needed in the old pine flooring
Some of the damaged boards needed to be replaced

Once the repairs were completed, we started sanding. This floor took a little longer to sand than some of our average oak sanding and refinishing jobs due to all the dings, dents, and cupping. But in the end, the floor came out beautiful, clean, and flat. We then water-popped it and began the staining process.

pine floor after staining
After staining and first coat of finish
close up of repaired area
Repairs blended in perfectly

The stain the customer chose was Duraseal Jacobean. It looks great on the freshly sanded pine floor.

attic floor all sanded,stained and refinished
Another photo of the repairs that have to be pointed out to see them

After the stain dried, the refinishing and coating process began. The finish chosen was Basic Coatings Emulsion in a beautiful matte sheen. This finish is part of our Bronze Finish System which you can read more about here. It's an excellent affordable finish that is durable and easy to look after but won't break the bank. Perfect for attic floors that don't see as much wear as a kitchen, hallway, entrance, or living room floor.

Haddon Heights attic floor restored
And here is the finished pine floor, sanded, stained and coated

We love restoring these older pine floors. The before and after results are pretty stunning, especially when stained. The homeowners also loved how their pine floors turned out, which always makes us happy.


We recently hired Dustless Hardwood Floors to do an extensive refinishing job on an old, two-story home (now zoned as a commercial property). The pine and oak floors were in very bad shape, with damaged boards, significant scratches, and old darkened staining and finish. They sanded and polyurethane the floors on both levels, replacing a couple damaged boards and repairing other spots as needed. As the owner-operator, Brian takes obvious pride in the work that he does. He and his assistant Ethan did an absolutely fabulous job. They were friendly, always available to answer questions, and left the building clean and ready for move-in. All we needed to do was dust the baseboard a little. We have received compliments from everyone who has walked through since then, including the Township inspectors. I cannot recommend them enough!!! They exceeded all expectations. Linda W | 5 Star Review on Google

Would you like similar results for your floors?

Do you have old pine attic floors in Haddon Heights NJ, or somewhere else in South Jersey? Would you like to sand and refinish them and convert your attic into a more usable living space? If so, click here to Schedule Your Estimate and we’ll be in touch.

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