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Project #10:

Marlton NJ worn oak hardwood floor restoration

This hardwood floor refinishing project in Marlton, NJ underwent a huge transformation. This floor is an excellent example if you have well-worn patches, all the way through the finish in your wood floors, and want to see what they could look like after sanding and refinishing.

BEFORE office chair damage to floor before
AFTER office chair damage to floor after

There was a lot of wear and tear from years of dogs playing on it, scratching and scuffing it up—damage from kids running in and out of the pool, with chlorinated water dripping everywhere. And the typical rolling office chair wear circle from years of rolling around at the desk without any floor protection.

Red Oak
Our Silver System
Duraseal Provincial

Project details...

Originally a prefinished oak floor, it was installed throughout the living room, kitchen, dining room, hallway, and office. You can see the bevels on the floor in the before photos. Unfortunately, these bevels were full of dirt as well. In the image below, you can see how extensive the wear was. Pretty much every part, bar the floor protected under the area rug, was severely worn…

badly worn wood floor in Marlton NJ
The dining room with some pretty severe wear and tear through the finish

And below are some close-ups of the worst areas. Of course, the kitchen and flooring in front of the sliding door had the most wear, as would be expected…

worst worn through area near door
This worn out area is in front of the sliding door...
badly worn kitchen floor
...and this is the wear in the kitchen

The dark coloring is because the finish was gone, and dirt and grime were ground into the raw wood. Unfortunately, once the floor gets to this stage, no amount of cleaning can remove the damage. If you have similar areas in your home, your floors will need to be restored.

Here's a close-up of the damage done by the office chair…

office chair floor damage
The typical wear on a hardwood floor from a rolling office chair

And below are some shots of the hallway and dining room before we brought in our sanding equipment to start the restoration process…

worn finish in hallway floor
More worn through finish in the hallway
living room floor finish worn through
A closeup shot of the dirty floor with zero finish

After three different sanding passes, with various grits of sandpaper, this is the result…

after sanding in front of sliding door
Area in front of the sliding door after being fully sanded

We sanded all the gray and dirty black areas throughout the rooms and the bevels in the original flooring. Now we had a flat, clean, bevel-free surface, ready for staining and refinishing.

kitchen floor after sanding
Here's the kitchen after sanding...
all sanded ready to coat
... and the dining room is done.

The customer chose Duraseal Provincial for the stain. They didn't want a super dark stained floor, or one too light, or with red shades. So this was the perfect color.

sanded, stained and refinished
The dining room floor in front of the sliding doors after staining and refinishing

After the floor was stained and dry, we applied a commercial-grade two-component finish system—a massive upgrade over the factory finish originally applied to the floor. The finish we used was Street Shoe by Basic Coatings, which is part of our Silver Finish System. We went with a low sheen to give the floors a modern look. It also has the benefit of better hiding scratches from the customers' large dogs.

big transformation in the living room
The rest of the dining room finished
kitchen floor looking brand new after refinishing
And the kitchen stained and coated

Above is the after results in the kitchen and dining room. What a massive transformation! The customer could hardly believe they were the same wood floors.

And here is the after photo of the dreaded rolling office chair area. No one will ever know what had been there previously. The owner now has a protective clear matt under his chair to prevent it from getting worn out again.

office chair damage gone
And here is the after photo of the office chair damage

We enjoy transformations like this Marlton, NJ, hardwood floor refinishing project. If looked after, this floor will never get to the stage it was when we showed up to restore them.


Our hardwood kitchen floors suffered water damage from an old refrigerator and a small burn mark from an old dishwasher. I went looking for a hardwood floor company that could do both the repairs as well as refinishing the entire floor. After a careful vetting process, I was drawn to Dustless Hardwood Floors. Dustless Floors has taken the time to provide an incredible amount of information on the internet about their floor finishing process, including the dustless process itself, staining the floors and the various levels of finishes available.

When I called the company for further information and an estimate, I first dealt with Ashley. Ashely was pleasant, informative and very knowledgeable about her company. A zoom inspection was set up with Brian the company’s owner. Brian was very professional explaining both how they would repair the floors and was extremely helpful with the various finishing options. I particularly was interested in how much dust there would be. Brian confirmed his process is 99% dust free and that they would cover with plastic all counters and door ways to other parts of the house. Brian gave me all the time I needed and answered all my questions and answered all my concerns with just the facts, never over selling just straight up truthful answers.

After hiring Brian and his crew to do the work Ashley was great keeping me informed as to when they would be coming and providing details for what was expected on my end. When Brian came to do the work, he and his crew were friendly and professional throughout the 3-day process. The repaired area is unnoticeable blending in perfectly with the existing floor and the finish, we went with the commercial grade satin, totally exceeds my expectations. Dustless Hardwood Floors is a class act who I would totally recommend if you want a beautifully finished floor done by professionals. It was a pleasure working with everyone at Dustless Hardwood Floors. I would give them 6 stars if I could.
Mark Finley | 5 Star Review on Google

Would you like similar results for your floors?

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