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Project #13:

Medford NJ pine wood floor repairs

This 100+ year-old pine floor in Medford, NJ underwent a huge restoration. Repairs, removing cheap laminate flooring, patching poorly done demolished wall repairs, staining, sanding, refinishing, making custom thresholds, installing custom baseboards, and old 1940s newspapers found under the floorboards, this project had it all.

BEFORE pine floor in Medford NJ before
AFTER pine floor in Medford NJ after

Sometime in the past decade, the dining room had cheap laminate flooring installed on top of the original pine. That needed to be rectified asap. However, it had protected the floor from excess wear. Some damaged boards needed replacing, and a wall had been removed and roughly patched with plywood. That required some major floor surgery to blend both rooms together.

100+ year-old Pine
Our Silver System
English Chestnut

Project details...

We removed the plywood patch job and replaced the missing floorboards with matching 100+ year-old pine we had previously salvaged. It's essential to use similar-age pine when doing repairs like this, as new pine looks entirely different from old pine. Use the wrong wood, and the repairs will stand out like a sore thumb. The salvaged pine boards came from an old home in Haddonfield, NJ that was being demolished.

section of flooring needing repairs
The previous plywood patch job
removing damaged floor boards
In the middle of the repairs

The photos above show the plywood patch job on the left and the repair work on the right.

Below is the finished repair. As mentioned above, we used 100+ year old pine flooring salvaged from an old house about to be demolished in New Jersey. We weaved the salvaged boards into the original flooring to make it look completely original…

recycled floor boards installed
Repair finished, ready to sand
hallway floor needing sanding
Condition of the original floor

Once the repairs were finished, we started sanding the floor. The first cut is done at a 45-degree angle to flatten the floor. Then multiple sandings are completed to remove all the previous dents, scratches, and damage.

sanding old pine floor in Medford NJ
Sanding the dining room and repair where the wall was removed

During the repair work, we found some really cool newspaper clippings from the 1940s used to even out the floor…

March 27, 1941 newspaper
old newspaper under floor

Here's another section of the 80+ year-old Courier Post newspaper from March 27, 1941...

vintage newspapers under floor in Medford NJ
80 year-old Courier Post newspaper clipping from 1941

We also spent a fair bit of time making custom thresholds with the same 100-year-old salvaged pine, so they matched the floors…

custom made transition strip
Custom-made pine threshold
transition strip installed
Pine threshold installed

Once sanded, the floors were water-popped in preparation for staining. The homeowners chose English Chestnut as the stain color. It looks great on the old pine floors. After the stain dried, we applied StreetShoe Super Matte from American finish manufacturer Basic Coatings. It's a durable commercial-grade finish system used in restaurants and dance floors. You can read about this finish here. It has a beautiful matte sheen that will hide scratches and mark much better than higher gloss finishes.

pine floor in kitchen stained and refinished
The repair is invisible after sanding, staining and refinishing

We also installed new taller baseboards to match the original ones throughout the rest of the house…

corner sanding detail
New custom baseboards...
sanded, stained and refinished
... to match the original ones

Below are the finished floors. Repaired, stained, and refinished. By using the salvaged boards for the repairs, it's impossible to tell what was original and what we replaced…

refinished pine floor in Medford NJ
Finished floor with a beautiful super matte commercial-grade finish

This was a fun hardwood floor sanding and refinishing project in Medford, NJ. We got to use all our floor restoration skills in one way or another. Plus, the fun of finding hidden treasure with those old newspaper clippings from 80 years ago. The customers were happy, and so were we.


Dustless Hardwood Floors did an amazon job on our home. They were very professional and gave us an estimate for the work with three different options. Once we made the selection, the team at Dustless put us on the schedule at a convenient time. Our house is almost 100 years old and some of the flooring was still in decent condition but other areas needed patching. They came the first day and sanded and patched. I could not believe how good it looked already... not to mention we were still living in the house... there was literally no dust to be seen... we were very impressed. In addition, they helped us select the perfect stain as we were doing 2 rooms and the stairs but had some existing newer wood. The final product is amazing, this small business is one I would use again and definitely recommend to anyone! April CS | 5 Star Review on Google

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