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Service #5:

STAIR RESTORATIONS.. to match your floor

Do you have a set of wood stairs that need restoring? If so, we can sand and refinish them at the same time we restore your hardwood floors. You’ll have the same finish system on both and if you decide to stain your floors, you can stain your stairs to match. We sand and refinish all types of indoor wood stairs and have years of experience behind us.

sanding stair treads in New Jersey
scraping stairs in South Jersey

Stairs are the most time-consuming part of a hardwood floor restoration. That’s because staircases are full of corners, angles and hard to reach areas. Sanding and scraping around spindles and posts takes a lot of handwork and extra time and care. Because of this, it also makes them the most expensive part of floor restoration per square foot.

The 3 types of stairs we restore...

How much your stair restoration will cost will depend on the type of staircase it is. Below are the three most common stair layouts found in New Jersey...

Closed in on
both sides
No spindles

Closed stairs, where the treads are closed in by stringers on both sides are the easiest and most affordable to restore. This is because there are no spindles to sand in-between and around, and no tread nosing on either side, only the front. These type of stairs are usually found leading down into a basement or up into a loft or attic space.

closed in stairs with no spindles

One side open
with spindles,
one side closed

This stair design has a stringer on the wall side and spindles on the open side. These are the most common type of staircase we work on. They take much longer to restore than the first type above because we need to do a lot of hand scraping and sanding between the spindles. Plus they have an additional tread nosing on the open side.

one side open staircase with spindles

Both sides
open or a

Stairs with spindles on both sides are not as common as the two styles above. Because they have twice the spindles to sand around and 3 open tread nosings, they take a lot more time and effort. Thus, they are the most expensive to restore. More common are stairs with a mix of both closed sides at the top of the staircase and open spindles on both sides on the bottom.

staircase with both sides open

Parts of stairs we do and don’t restore...

Because our sanding machines are designed to sand flat horizontal surfaces, we only restore the treads and landings of staircases. (If you have an older home with solid wood risers, not veneer, we can possibly restore those for you as well.) All other parts of the staircase – stringers, spindles, posts and handrails – are not part of the flooring trade.

Below you can see the parts we restore on a staircase shown in orange...

parts of stairs we restore

If you would like the wood on the stringers, spindles, risers, posts and handrails restored, we can refer you to someone we know that specializes in restoring these stair parts.

Another option is simply painting these parts of your staircase. This is the option we often recommend as it’s the most affordable. Most architectural and home design magazines feature staircases with painted risers, stringers and spindles (as you can see in the photos above), giving a real contrast to the wood of the stairs themselves. It looks great, costs less and it’s easier to look after in the long term as you can do small paint touch-ups as needed. While we don’t provide this service, we can provide a reference for a painter that specializes in painting stair parts.

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I recently had my stairway steps stained and refinished. The end result was beautiful! They were very prompt, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and NEAT. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Maggie C - Moorestown, New Jersey | 5 Star Review on Yelp
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