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Service #3:

REPAIRS... for those damaged areas

There is a pretty big chance that if you have an older hardwood floor in the New Jersey area, you have a section or two that needs a repair. Some of the most common repairs needed are areas that have black spots where pets have peed or plants have been overwatered.

pet stain damage on hardwood floors
Pet stains like this are common in many homes we work in.
removing pet stained damaged floor
We remove the damaged boards and replace them with new ones.
filling gaps in hardwood floor
The same area inbetween sanding and filler being applied.
stained and finished wood floor
Once the floor is stained and coated, the repair is invisible!

Other repairs we see often, especially in homes that are being renovated, are where sections or whole walls have been removed and two rooms need to be joined together.

removed wall repair
We can repair areas where walls have been removed or relocated as well.

We can replace damaged flooring of any size or position, using the same type, grade, size and milling of wood so there is as close as possible to a perfect match with the rest of the floor. And we can even go in and match together rooms that had no hardwood flooring, giving your entire home a seamless feel.

Once those new areas have been sanded, stained and finish applied, they will look as if they had always been there.

Things to be aware of with repairs...

The hardest thing about making repairs blend in and be virtually invisible is getting a close match to the wood in your floor. Not only are there many similar looking types of wood – for example red and white oak can look very similar to an untrained eye – but there are also many different grades and types of milling. If you get one of these variables wrong, your repair will be very noticeable.

mismatched wood repair
Example of a bad repair because of mismatched wood.
salvaged old pine flooring
We salvage old wood like this 100 year old pine for repairs.

We go to great lengths to provide close matches to your original wood. We collect and store many types of wood specifically for this purpose, including 100+ year old pine.

If you need a repair...

We will need to come out and have a look at the section of flooring in person before we can provide a price to fix it. Usually we do this as part of your in-home estimate.

If you want any more information or want someone to come out to inspect your damaged floor, please feel free to get in touch.

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Extremely pleased with the job Dustless did on our floors. Brian addressed every and all concerns. They are now stunning! We couldn't be happier. His crew was respectful of our home and were super nice. Thanks Guys!! Sharon Moran - Cherry Hill, New Jersey | 5 Star Review on Facebook
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