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Project #5:

Moorestown NJ hardwood floor refinishing

These floors in Moorestown, New Jersey are a great example of how really rough looking 100+ year old pine floors look after being restored. The room shown in the photos here were not intended for living space. It was more designed for storage, like an attic space. If you have a space like this, this is a good indication of how they will look restored.

BEFORE yellow heart pine floor before
AFTER yellow heart pine flooring after

The homeowners wanted to reclaim the space and turn it into a liveable area. So, they ripped up the old carpet covering the wood and called us in to do our magic. We set to work, transforming the floors in this room, along with the upstairs office, bedrooms, hallway, landing and stairs.

Yellow heart pine
Our Silver System
Natural - No stain

Project details...

As you can see in the photo on the left below, the floors were in pretty rough shape. They were covered in very old shellac that was quite difficult to remove. There were old previous repairs, loose boards and lots of cupping. We had to repair quite a few areas where the flooring was loose and re-repair some of the old repairs.

old ugly floor Moorestown NJ
The existing floor was in pretty rough shape
restored old floor Moorestown NJ
2 days later and it looked like this!

Because of the type of wood floors these are (old, rough, sub-floors used for utilitarian spaces), they will never look perfect. They will be full of character and imperfections. But they’re beautiful in their own right and many people love this look. You can see the outcome after a full sand and refinish in the photo on the right above.

The photos below show another couple of view of the same room…

after repairs and sanding Moorestown NJ
The finished floor after all repairs and sanding
restored floor in Moorestown New Jersey
Here’s a close up of the finished floor

You can see the beautiful character of the yellow pine in the photos above. The homeowners loved the finished look of their floors. Now they’re busy restoring the walls and the rest of the wood work in the rooms.

The finish we applied was a commercial grade water-based finish. You can read about their choice here. It’s very durable and will last a very long time with proper care. We didn’t apply stain to these floors as the homeowners wanted to keep the natural, bright yellow pine color.

We really enjoy working on restoring these very old, ugly floors. Yes they’re not perfect, but they’re still beautiful in their own right and are now usable.


So happy that we chose Dustless Hardwood Floors. Our floors look stunning and we couldn't be happier. They restored our old pine floor that had been covered in carpet for years. I had some doubts as to how good they would look after the job because they were in poor shape. Wow! Couldn't believe how nice they turned out!! Brian and his crew were just terrific. Sharon Moran | 5 Star Review on Google

Do you have similar hardwood floors in rough shape?

Whether your floors are as rough as these ones, or in better condition but still need restoring, we would love to help you bring them back to beautiful condition. Click here to Schedule Your Estimate and we’ll be in touch soon to provide you with a free quote.

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