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Project #6:

Voorhees NJ weaved hardwood floor installation

If you have an older house with various types of flooring throughout the rooms, this hardwood floor installation and refinishing project in Voorhees NJ, will be a big inspiration. It was a massive transformation. The homeowners' goal was to have this mismatch of floors all tied together and look like one brand-new floor throughout the home.

BEFORE Oak installation in Voorhees NJ before
AFTER Refinished oak in Voorhees NJ after

This 1960s house had the original 60's yellowing red oak in the main living areas, vinyl in the kitchen, and newer prefinished oak flooring installed in the early 2000s in a section of the house. The result was a floor that looked cut up, small and inconsistent. Below you can see the process of blending all these different flooring sections to make it look like one seamless floor throughout the house…

5/16th Red Oak flooring
Our Silver System

Project details...

The photos below show the original 1960-era red oak floors. They had definitely seen better days. The floors were yellow, scratched up, and wavey and had greyed areas due to worn-out finish, as well as stained spots from water damage.

yellow, scratched and damaged hardwood
These are the original 1950's hardwood floors
old stained oak hardwood floor
The wood floor addition added 10 years ago

The photo on the right above shows the newer prefinished oak flooring that was added in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, the addition wasn't the best color match, it was higher than the floor it butted up to, and it looked like an add-on. Thankfully, it was installed in the same direction, which made blending it in with the new flooring section easier.

Below you can see the new bundles of red oak we delivered for the new section we had to install. They had to sit there for a few days to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the existing wood…

new red oak ready to install
The new red oak flooring sitting to acclimatize before installing

And here, in the photos below, you can see the installation beginning. First, we removed select boards to blend the new floor into the old one. This allowed us to weave the new flooring into the existing one. It's a much better look than putting in a header to separate the two sections. Doing it this way makes the floor look seamless and opens up the two rooms, making it look like one large single room.

Preparing existing floor to match new flooring
Prepping old floor to weave in new flooring
weaving new floor into old oak
Weaving new floor into old floor begins

Here is the weaving of the new floor to the old completed. Once it's sanded, as seen in the photo on the right below, it's impossible to tell the old wood flooring from the new.

weaving of old and new flooring finished
Blending of old and new floor completed
old and new floor sanded
Can't tell the difference after sanding

In the photo on the left below, you can see the threshold used to tie the oak flooring installed in the 2000s to the new weaved flooring section. Ideally, both rooms would be on the same level. But the cost to lift or lower one side would be too expensive, so a threshold it was. Once it was sanded and refinished, it was barely noticeable...

coating hardwood floor in dining room
First coat of finish being applied
refinished hardwood floor in Voorhees NJ
Second coat of finish

Once the installation and sanding were done, the refinishing began. The owners decided not to stain this oak floor, keeping it natural instead. They chose our silver finishing system, a great blend of durability and price. We used Basic Coatings VersaSeal for the two base coats and finished with Street Shoe for the top coat.

Here is the floor freshly coated…

last coat of finish drying
The last coat of finish just applied to this blend of old and brand new red oak flooring

The owners of this house and their floor refinishing project in Voorhees NJ, were wrapped with how it turned out. Instead of having multiple flooring types cutting up the flow of their home, they now have a single, seamless, brand-new, refinished oak floor throughout. It ties all sections of their home together perfectly. No one will ever know this is a blend of old and new.

With the high-quality commercial-grade hardwood finish system protecting this floor, it will last for many, many years into the future.


I highly recommend Dustless Hardwood Floors. My husband and I built our home 22 years ago and have primarily hardwood floors on the main floor. It was definitely time to upgrade. We debated whether to just replace the hardwood or refinish it and would this be something we could tackle ourselves? After watching YouTube videos and researching, we decided to go with refinishing what we have and have Brian’s Dustless Hardwood do the work. To say we are happy with the work, it’s an understatement. The floors look AMAZING. There was no dust, there was great communication and the final product is perfect! Victoria Cava | 5 Star Review on Google

Would you like similar results for your floors?

We'd love to repair, weave, install or refinish your oak floors for you, as seen in the above Voorhees NJ hardwood flooring project. Click here to Schedule Your Estimate and we’ll be in touch.

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