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Project #4:

Cherry Hill NJ hardwood floor refinishing

This project was quite a big transformation. The Cherry Hill house was built in the 1960s and had never been sanded and refinished. As you can see in the BEFORE photo below, it was in pretty rough shape. The original 50+ year old shellac finish had worn right through down to the bare wood in many areas and was in dire need of a restoration.

BEFORE Cherry Hill red oak floor before
AFTER Cherry hill red oak floor after

The project was about 1,200 square feet all together and included the living room, dining room, entry, staircase, plus the 3 bedrooms and hallway upstairs. The before and after photos below as quite dramatic so it will give you an idea of what we can do with your floors if they are in a similar state.

Red Oak flooring
Our Silver System
Bona Cherry

Project details...

These hardwood floors are face-nailed 5/16th red oak. As mentioned above, they had the original 50 year old shellac finish still on them. Or rather, parts of the floor did. As you can see in the photo on the left below, huge areas of the floor had no finish left. Once the finish wore through, the salt and dirt from outside had been ground into the wood. Over the years, this turned them grey…

dining room floor before refinishing
Dining room before sanding and refinishing...
dining room floor after sanding
... and then after the floor was restored.

Photo above on the right shows the same area all sanded and refinished. What a difference! None of the boards needed to be replaced. It was all just top wear, not all the way through.

Below to the left you can see one of the bedrooms and the wear and damage done by a bed post. Again, all the damage was removed during the sanding process as you can see in the right photo...

bedroom floor before restoration
Bedroom before showing lots of wear damage
bedroom floor after sanding and refinishing
Bedroom after looking brand new!

Below shows the before and after of the staircase. You can see the outline of the runner that was there previously…

staircase in Cherry Hill NJ before
Staircase before looking a little worse for wear
staircase in Cherry Hill NJ after
Staircase when we were finished

We love working on floors that have great before and after shots like this project. And while we don’t recommend you leave your restoration till they get this bad, you can see what is possible within a couple of days if your hardwood flooring is in similar condition.

The owners chose to stain their floors Bona Cherry. They had some other pre-finished flooring installed as part of an addition about 15 years prior, so we matched the color to that. For finish, they chose our Silver System which is a commercial grade water-based finish. It’s extremely durable so it will last them for many years to come.

After patiently waiting for many years, the homeowner was very pleased with the finished result. This is her review you can read on our Facebook page here.


Our home was built in the 1960's and I do not believe the floors were ever maintained after installation. The refinished product is stunning and the stain matches the wood floors in a 2002 addition. We are so impressed with the results! Thank you to everyone at Dustless Hardwood Floors of Collingswood! Lise-Kirsten Higgins | Cherry Hill, NJ

Do your hardwood floors need some love?

We would love to help you restore your worn hardwood floors back to new. We’re experts at sanding and refinishing oak flooring like these, as well as all other types of hardwood flooring found here in New Jersey. To book a free quote, click here to Schedule Your Estimate and we’ll be in touch.

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