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Project #12:

Haddonfield NJ stained oak hardwood floor

This oak hardwood floor in Haddonfield NJ went through a huge transformation. After decades of wear and tear, the original oil-based finish had well and truly worn out in the major traffic areas. The before photos show the extensive damage.

BEFORE Haddonfield NJ oak floor before
AFTER Haddonfield NJ oak floor after

Because there was no protective coating left, the floor was impossible to clean. So the raw wood captures all the dust and dirt and it gets ground into it, turning it black over time. No matter how much vacuuming or mopping you do, these floors will always look dirty. The only way to restore them is to do a full sand and refinish.

Red Oak
Our Silver System

Project details...

This hardwood floor project involved sanding and refinishing the 600 square feet of hardwood floors in the living room, dining room, and entry. It’s face-nailed 5/16 Red Oak with Walnut borders. The original finish on this floor was oil-based polyurethane. Unfortunately, as old oil-based finishes do, it had ambered and yellowed with age. Below you can see the worn, yellowed, scratched-up floors…

badly worn through areas
Yellow, scratched and worn finish
finish worn out at doorway
Worn area into kitchen door

Below are the worst areas, the living room and entrance. You can see where the areas rugs and entrance matt were placed…

grey floor with worn out sections
Floor damage in living room
dark stained worn areas from entrance
Rug outlines can be seen here

And here we are, starting the sanding process. You can immediately see the difference. Very quickly, all the damage gets removed by sanding…

sanding old wood floor in Haddonfield NJ
From the first sanding you can see the transformation

After multiple sanding passes, we vacuumed and then water-popped the floor, ready for staining. The homeowner chose Duraseal Nutmeg for the stain color. Below you can see the floors freshly stained…

new stain applied on freshly sanded wood floor
Dining room after staining
all damaged areas sanded and removed
Nutmeg stain in living room

The customers wanted to ensure the floors would never get to this state again. So, once the stain dried, we applied a high-end commercial-grade finish as part of our Silver Finish System. The top coat is the same finish we use in restaurants and on dance floors. It will last them many years if looked after well.

Here is the floor after one coat of finish…

first coat of finish
First coat of finish in dining room...
sanded, stained and refinished
...and in the living room

Below is the second coat, all dried, ready to be buffed, and the final coat to be applied…

wood floor in living room transformed
Getting ready to buff the floor for the second coat

And this is the finished floor below. The final coat of StreetShoe is a satin sheen. It is perfect for a sleek modern look and hides scratches much better than higher-gloss finishes.

looks like a brand new hardwood floor!
All finished. What a huge transformation.

The customer was delighted with the outcome. It looked like a brand-new floor—quite a big difference between the before and after photos.


The staff at Dustless Hardwood Floors were great through the entire process. They kept me informed every step of the way. The team that came into my home were very respectful and polite. It is truly dustless. When they finished there was not one speck of dust. It was totally worth every penny. My floors look better then the day I moved in. Brian and his wife Donna run an exceptional business that is customer focused. David Stillwagon | 5 Star Review on Google

Would you like similar results for your floors?

If you have oak floors that need restoring, even if they are in worse condition than these Haddonfield, NJ hardwood floors, click here to Schedule Your Estimate and we’ll be in touch.

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